The Airline Sim Wiki is a project where anybody who's involved in it can edit, however, please follow the editing policy here.

Examples of reasons to revert edits

  1. Potential nonsense or gibberish
  2. Technical reasons
  3. Unambiguous advertising
  4. Copyright violations
  5. No context provided
  6. No citations provided
  7. Transwikied edits

1: General

  1. All edits to our pages must never consist of potential nonsense or gibberish
  2. Test editing is banned on the wiki
  3. None of your edits must be pure vandalism or blatant hoaxes
  4. Never make mistakes on pages that were reverted by an admin for others to clean up
  5. If you have been banned from editing, please wait until you are unblocked
  6. No need for adding technical glitches, please
  7. The admins must revert any edits if he/she discovers disruption in them
  8. All pages must depend on existing pages
  9. Wiki admins reserve the rights for office actions on edits
  10. All edits require other purposes against the main purpose
  11. Nobody must advertise/promote while editing a page on this wiki
  12. All edits must have copyrighted material donated to the wiki
  13. Don't abandon an article

2: Articles

  1. All edits require context (e.g. An article must never consist of the same sentence: 'He is a funny man with a red car. He can make people laugh.')
  2. All edits must NEVER include foreign languages (admins and content moderators only)
  3. All edits require content
  4. Never transwiki an article to any other wiki
  5. Indicate importance in all of your edits
  6. Never duplicate topics from other wikis (e.g. This especially means topic duplication from The Dork Diaries Wiki, Wiki Minaj, Flipline Studios Wiki, Gagapedia, Kairosoft Wiki, or Beastpedia)
  7. No obvious inventions, please

3: Redirects

  1. Cross-namespace redirects are banned
  2. Implausible typos are banned

4: Files

  1. All files must be non-redundant
  2. Corrupt, missing, or empty files are banned
  3. All files require a proper license
  4. All files need licensing info
  5. Orphaned files are banned
  6. Fair use files require a rationale
  7. Invalid fair use claims are banned
  8. Identical copies of images on other wikis are banned
  9. All files must NOT be copyright infringements
  10. Files must be useful
  11. Evidence of permission is required while uploading files

5: Categories and user pages

  1. Unpopulated categories are banned
  2. All user pages must be about a real, existing user
  3. Personal user pages and subpages must be self-created
  4. Only free galleries are allowed
  5. Misuse of this wiki as a web host is banned

6: Templates

  1. Proper representation of the established policies is required on all templates
  2. Never duplicate or hardcode a template instance

7: Portals

  1. No portals are subject to speedy deletion
  2. Populated portals are allowed

8: Other

  1. Redirects created by David Mark Purdy are banned
  2. Pages can only be translated on the German version of the AirlineSimPedia

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